Leadership coaching

Healthy leadership creates the conditions for great work. Unfortunately, there’s a persistent, old story that leadership means having all the answers. This is a lie. It cuts off leaders off from their authentic gifts, magnifies their blindspots and silences their team. I help leaders:

  • Recognize their blindspots and use practical, immediately applicable tools to stop old patterns in their tracks.

  • Look at their leadership through the lens of power and privilege

  • Honor their own voice and support the voice of others. 

  • Hold themselves and their teams accountable


team building

Teams that have vision, belonging and passion are unstoppable. But too often, one of these elements is missing and teams:

  • Run from crisis to crisis

  • Keep having the same meeting/conflict over and over

  • Can’t innovate

  • Don’t take action

I perform a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your team. What’s missing? I’ll create a custom intervention that helps your team shine.


Retreats & facilitation

I design meetings and staff retreats that enlist the imagination and intelligence of the whole room:

“Wow. The feedback from the retreat has been absolutely astounding. I have never seen the like. It appears to have been a genuinely moving experience for our folks.

“The mandate of forging deeper/new connections to each other, to the institution, and to the cause appears to have been fulfilled, in spades.  Astoundingly good work! “

Andreas Merkl, CEO, Ocean Conservancy