My Story


I came to this work through 20 years of working for positive change in progressive politics. Over the course of my career, as I moved from community organizer to campaign manager to movement consultant, I became convinced that the way we work together is the magic that makes greatness possible.

As a coach, consultant and trainer, I have worked with thousands of leaders, activists, elected representatives and funders. My consulting clients have included national and local non-profits like the Ocean Conservancy and Climate Solutions; public elected bodies and agencies like the King County Council and Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget; activist and political bodies like NARAL Pro-Choice Washington and the Washington State Democratic Caucus; and foundations like the Aspen Institute, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Progress Alliance of Washington.

In addition to my work as a coach and culture consultant, I am a writer and storyteller. In 2010, I was inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” to create The Heroes’ Narrative, a collaborative communications strategy that has become a national model. Since then, storytelling has become an essential tool for me. I furthered those tools in my collaborations with Creative Ground and have seen the power of telling the story we want to live transform individuals, teams and campaigns and workplace cultures. I teach personal retreats and workshops that use the power of ancient myth to reflect on our current challenges and to dive deeply into the work of becoming our best selves now. For me, that includes examining my own presence, work and life with an understanding of my identity as a cis-gendered white woman, doing my best to use my privilege and my voice to speak for justice. (And failing and learning and trying again.)

I live on the land of the Duwamish people, who still await the honoring of the 1855 treaty signed by the United States. I do this work in relationship with my ancestors, who are almost entirely of the British Isles, including Welsh, Cornish, English and Scottish peoples. I do this work for all descendants. I am supported by the intelligence of the natural world and fuel myself with regular walks to the creek that is the heart of my watershed.