Great Leadership Makes Great Work Happen


What I Do…

I help turn around:

Leaders who want to move past blind spots and stop repeating the same sticky patterns.

Teams that aren’t reaching their full potential.

Workplace cultures that are ruled by dominance and power-over instead of power-with.

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Is This You?

I work with:

Women who want to have rock-solid faith in their own judgement and the courage to speak it

Men who want to become the inclusive leaders we need now

Leaders of all genders who want to change the patterns that prevent great work 

HR professionals who want to make theirs a workplace where EQ is high, and learning is a practice

How I Do It…

I offer:

Leadership Coaching

Facilitation and Staff Retreats

Custom Team-Building Workshops

Leadership and Culture Assessments

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“Our team has increased trust in a way I never would have expected. I can honestly say that our office is transformed.”
— Jeannie, King County